Academic Councils

The Academic Council is the supreme academic body of the College. Its members are drawn from different spheres of academic life like Heads of teaching departments, Principals of colleges, representatives of teachers and students, external experts, etc. The Academic Council has the power to make regulations and to amend or repeal them, to advise the College on all academic matters, to prescribe the courses of studies in the College, to prescribe the qualifications of teachers, to make provision for the admission of students to the various courses, and so on. The Council meets ordinarily once in six months.

The Director Principal of the college, ex-offcio Chairmam
S.No. Name Designation Satus Department
1 Dr.B.R.Marwah Exe. Director Former Chairman CSE
2 Dr. R.P.Singh Principal Chairman ECE
All Heads of the Acadmic Departments in the College, ex-officio
3 Ms.Rachna Khurana HOD-AS Member  AS
4 Dr.Sukhvir Singh Associate Professor Member CSE & IT
5 Dr.Rajesh Malik HOD-ECE Member ECE
6 Dr.H.S.Khatak Professor Member ME
7 Mr. Amit Gupta Asst. Prof. & HOD Member BT
8 Dr. Praveen Sharma HOD-BMS Member BMS
9 Mr.Sidharth Mor  HOD Member CE
 Faculty member of the rank of Professor in the College
10 Dr.H.S.Khatak Professor Member ME
11 Dr. Sukhvir Singh Professor Member CSE
12 Mr. Hari singh Professor Member CE
13 Mr Rajesh Malik Professor Member BM
Four teacher of the college representing different categories of teaching staff by rotation on the basis of seniority of service in the college
14 Ms. Rachna Khurana Sr.Lect. Member AS
Mr. Amit Gupta Asst. Prof. Member ME
15 Mr. Sandeep Jaglan Asst. Prof. Member IT
Conveners of all standing Committees of the Academic Council, ex-officio Board of studies-Committiees
16 Dr.Pawan Chokker Sr. Lecturer Convener-BOS-Maths AS
Dr.H.S.Khatak Professor & HOD ME Convener-BOS-ME ME
17 Dr.Sukhvir Singh HOD-CSE Convener-BOS-CSE CSE
18 Mr. Nitin Sharma HOD-ECE Convener-BOS-ECE ECE
Curriculum Development Committee
19 Dr.Sukhvir Singh HOD-CSE Convener CSE
Admissions Committee
20 Dr.Sukhvir Singh Asso. Prof. Convener CSE
Training & Placement Committe
21 Dr.Sukhvir Singh In Charge IC & SD Member CSE
Student Affairs Committee
22 Mr Rupesh Malik OSD OSD Admin & BM
23 Dr Partap Singh AP Warden-Boys SDITM
24 Maj. Ram Kumar Estate Officer Estate & Security Admin
Library Committee
25 Mr. Rajan Bansal Asst. Prof. Convener-Lib. ME
26 Mr. Hari Singh Prof. Convener-Exams. CSE
Disciplinary and Proctorial Board
27 Mr. Rajan Bansal Asst. Prof. Convener-PB ME
Anti Ragging & ISO Committee
28 Mr. Sandeep Malik Asstt. Prof. Convener Anti Ragg. & ISO ME
Woman Cell
29 Ms.  Rachna Khurana HOD-AS Member AS
30 Ms. Ranjeeta Kaushik Asso. Prof. Member CSE
 31  Ms. Deepika Sareen Sr. Lecturer Member MCA
Four Experts from outside the college representing area Industry, Management, Engineering & Education
32 Mr. Dinesh Garg MD-IMEX Appliances Pvt. Ltd. (09811072195) Member Industry Imex Appliances Pvt. Ltd.
33 Mr. Ajay Gaite Lead, Design Engineer Member Industry Free Scale
34 Ms. S Malathi Country Manager-Project Praviin and Academic Initiatives Member Industry IBM India
35 Mr. Ashok Chahar VP, Himachal Energy Pvt. Ltd. Ltd.(09816095926) Member Industry Himachal Energy Pvt. Ltd.
36 Mr. Manoj Manuja Lead-Mobile Aps Track(09780035430) Member-Industry Infosys Technologies Chandigarh
Three Nominees of Kurukshetra University
37 Dr.Shyam Kumar Professor,Dept.of Physics,KUK(9416038561) Member-University Nominee
38 Dr.Shashi Bhushan Ananad Professor,Dept.of Commerce,KUK(01744-293555) Member-University Nominee
39 Dr.R.S.Yadav Professor,Dept.of Pol.Science,KUK(9896088655) Member-University Nominee
A Faculty member Nominated by Director-Princial as Member Secretary
40 Dr.Sukhvir Singh Prof. & HOD-CSE Member-Secretary CSE