Board of Governors

N.C. College of Engineering, Israna being the autonomous college has the constitution of the Board of Governors as per the autonomy policy. For other colleges the constitution of the Board of Governors is as per the university norms.

SNo. Name and Address  Position
1  Sh. Vijay Gupta  Chairman: N. C. College of Engineering Technical Campus
2  Sh. D.V. Gupta  Member
3  Sh. Bhushan Gupta  Member
4  Sh. M. L. Gupta  Member
5  Mrs. Raj Rani Gupta  Member



1 Prof. B. R. Chahar
Dept. of Civil Engg.,
IIT, New Delhi
UGC Nomine
2 Dr. M. P. Poonia
NITTTR, Chandigarh
AICTE Nomine
 3 Dr. Girish Chopra
Dean – Academic Affairs,
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
State Government Nominee: To be nominated by DTE
University Nominee
4 Dr. B. R. Marwah Educationist /Industrialist Member
5 Dr. H. S. Khatak Faculty Member
6 Dr. Sukhvir Singh Faculty Member
6 Dr. R. P. Singh Member -Secretary