Secretary’s Message

Today, technical education has occupied the center stage. Scientific community has been significantly transformed into an interactive global community sharing concepts, exchanging ideas and collaborating on projects with an international yardstick. Keeping in mind the diversities of the corporate world N.C. College of Engineering, Israna (NCCE) Technical Campus has been offering different courses that match to the career paths and relates to the changing global environment.

We are an institution with a well-rounded academic curriculum and a commitment to the greater service to the community. Since its inception in 1998, NCCE has been committed to providing a unique educational experience and preparing graduates for successful careers and rewarding lives. The focus is on the horizontal growth of the campus. Our endeavor is to have a balanced growth across all the institutes in the campus. The Board of Governors has always focused on recruiting the cream of the teaching fraternity. Today, the campus is energized by high-quality faculty and by the more than 2500 students who are pursuing degrees in diverse academic programs.

On behalf of the entire NCCE community, it is my pleasure to welcome you to a vibrant academic campus.

Shri D.V. Gupta

Secretary: N.C. College of Engineering Technical Campus