B.Tech Sem-1

B.Tech- Ist SEM (Common to all Branches)
Timing: 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Subject Code Subject Name Date
MATH-110 Engineering Math-I 14/12/2017
NC-MATH-101 Engineering Math-I
NC-111/ME-112 Basics of Mechanical Engineering/Manufacturing  Technology 18/12/2017
PHY-110 Engineering Physics-I 20/12/2017
NC-PHY-101 Engineering Physics-I
NC-CHM-101/CH-110 Engineering Chemistry 22/12/2017
CS-110 Computer-I (Problem Solving and Programming in C) 27/12/2017
NC-CSE-105 Problem solving and programming in C
NC-CSE-101 Fundamentals of computing
ME-110 Basic of Engineering Drawing 29/12/2018
NC-ME-102 Engineering graphics & Drawing
HUM-110 Communication Skills in English - I 1/1/2018
NC-HUM-105 Communication Skills in English
NC-HUM-101 Communication Skills in English
NC-ECE-101 Basic of Electronics & Electrical Engineering 3/1/2018
NC-Esc-101/ES-11A Basics of Environmental and Life Sciences 5/1/2018