Executive Director’s Message

Executive Director's Message

Since inception, our group of institutions is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence for all our students. The primary aim of our group of institutions is to maintain high standards of technological and management education to equip the youth of the nation to achieve the goals of the great visionaries of the country. All our institutes are AICTE approved and are affiliated to Kurukshetra University.

As excellence has become a habit in this college, there are a number of academic activities going on throughout the year. A number of AICTE sponsored projects have been taken up. The World Bank has granted rupees 4 crore to N.C. College of Engineering under TEQUIP scheme after assessing the caliber and research potential of the organization. The funds have been allotted equally for the research activities of all the Branches of Engineering by the college management.

I invite you to share in the spirit of NCCE and explore the possibilities we have to offer in the field of Technology and Management education. I am sure that your journey at NCCE will allow you to discover more about yourself, your world and your potential. I extend a warm welcome to all the future students to a group of institutions enriched with sustained excellence in quality

Prof. (Dr.) J.S.
Director General
N.C. College of Engineering Technical Campus