Faculty – NCICS


Faculty Designation Qualification Contact
Name: Vikas Raheja,
Asstt. Professor & Head
Qualification: M.C.A., M.Phil. Ph.D Pursuing
Research Area: Cloud Computing
Specialization: Java, Android, Software Engineering
Experience: 15.8 Years
Publications: 15
Contact No: 9813384062
Email ID: vikasraheja.ca@ncce.edu
Name:Deepika Sareen,
Assistant. Professor
Qualification: M.C.A., M.Phil.
Research Area:Design and analysis of algorithms
Specialization: Design and analysis of algorithms, Advanced web technologies
Experience: 10.8 Years
Publications: 11
Contact No: 9996703412
Email ID: sareendeepika@yahoo.co.in
Name: Rasmi Saluja,
Assistant. Professor
Qualification: M.C.A., M.Tech.
Research Area: Operating System
Specialization: Computer Architechture
Experience: 9.8 Years
Publications: 08
Contact No: 7404291053
Email ID: rs25681@gmail.com
Name: Nisha Chaudhary,
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.C.A.
Research Area: DataWare Housing Hadoop
Specialization: DBMS
Experience: 6.8 Years
Publications: 06
Contact No: 8901144732
Email ID: nisharaj2009@gmail.com
Name: Chanchal Lathwal, Assistant Professor Qualification: M.C.A.
Specialization: DBMS, Cloud Computing, Computer Architecture
Experience: 5.8 Years
Publications: 04
Contact No: 9050032162
Email ID:
Name: Amit Gupta,
Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.Tech., M.Tech.
Research Area: Image Processing
Specialization: Computer Graphics, Data
Experience: 06+ Years
Publications: 05
Contact No: 9466772627
Email ID:
Name: Tanu Gandhi,
Qualification: M.C.A.
Research Area: Discrete Mathematics
Specialization: DMS
Experience: 05+ Years
Publications: 03
Contact No: 9910775075
Email ID: