Introduction – ECE Department


Electronics and Communication Engineering is an ever growing industry in today’s digital scenario. It is the utilization of science and math applied to practical problems in the field of Electronics & Communication. Electronic communication engineers engage in research, design, development and testing of the electronic equipment used in various communications systems. It is due to Electronics engineers that we enjoy such modern communication devices as cellular telephones, radios and television. The graduates & post graduates are qualified for professional practice or to work in several areas of specialization. We prepare students as professional engineers through an education in fundamental principles presented in the context of real application and design. In addition to fundamentals of science and mathematics, the program provides a solid background in Devices & Circuits, Analog & Digital Electronics & Electromagnetic.Electronics & Communication Engineering finds applications in all fields of engineering and also in daily life.

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was established in 1998 with an intake of 60 students. The intake was increased to 120 from the session 2003-04.