Laboratories – Applied Acience


The preamble of our college firmly believes in sound practical knowledge backup to theoretical principles. Under these guiding reflections the department has well-equipped and fully furnished state of the art laboratories. The Applied Sciences & Humanities department has the following laboratories:

  1. Physics Laboratory
  2. Chemistry Laboratory
  3. Language Laboratory
  4. Research Laboratory


  • The department has two physics laboratories with 15 experimental set-ups in each to enhance the basic concepts in physics.
  • For optics experiments the physics laboratory has a dark room.
  • The laboratory has sophisticated equipment for Hall Effect, e/m Helical methods, four Probe and Stewert and Gee’s and many more experiments.
  • Experiments are based on basic principles/ phenomenon like wheat-stone bridge, see-back effect, Hall effect, thermoionic emission, interference, diffraction, polarization etc.


  • The department has an advanced chemistry laboratory where experiments are designed and conducted to strengthen basic concepts in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry.
  • Students are also introduced to various techniques and experimentation in applied, analytical, natural products and environmental chemistry.
  • The chemistry laboratory has various sophisticated instruments and facilities for all experiments.
  • Besides basic undergraduate experimentation, facilities for environmental analysis particularly water analysis are available.


  • The department has a full-fledged language laboratory duly equipped with advance softwares.
  • The laboratory offers a variety of functions such as Recording, High Speed Copying, Test Preparation, Intercom, Student Monitoring, Teacher/Student Call, Group Conferencing, etc.
  • The main console is connected to 26 listening booths, which have been specially designed for student-teacher interaction and greater concentration for language learning.
  • The laboratory has, in addition, a number of CDs and books for all levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced.
  • This naturally benefits students who are deficient in English, and makes surely for confidence building for interviews and competitive examinations.


  • The department has an advanced research laboratory that facilitate students and teachers interested in research and development to carry out research projects in various fields of adsorption science, corrosion inhibition by various cost effective surfactant and study of various quality parameters in water.
  • The research laboratory has many sophisticated instruments and facilities.
  • Our department also encourages and supports the faculty and students to publish their research papers in national and international journals of repute.