• Physics Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Language Laboratory


  • Basic Electronics Laboratory I

In this Laboratory we have equipment, instruments, integrated circuits chips (ICs) and all other components to perform experiments based on analog electronics.

  • Microprocessor & Interfacing (MPI) Laboratory

This Laboratory has both 8085 and 8086 microprocessor kits in sufficient number and various interfacing cards like 8253, 8255, ADC and DAC reader cards, microcontrollers, Z-80, SMPS and EPROM eraser.

  • Analog Communication(AC) Laboratory

This Laboratory has kits and equipment to study various modulation techniques used in communication.

  • Digital Electronics (DE) Laboratory

In this Laboratory we have equipment, instruments, integrated circuits chips (ICs) and all other components to perform experiments based on digital electronics.

  • Semiconductor Devices & Circuits (SDC) Laboratory
  • Electronics Measurement & Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory
  • Digital communication laboratory
  • Electronic Design Laboratory

In this Laboratory students are given electronics circuit design problems to meet certain specifications. Once the design is complete, the circuit is implemented on the bread-board and analyzed to verify specifications.

  • VHDL laboratory

In this Laboratory we have more than 20 computer systems loaded with MATLAB and VHDL softwares. This lab is used for experiments on digital signal processing and VHDL in two semesters.

  • Integrated Circuit Laboratory

MECHANICAL Laboratories:

  • Workshop Practice Laboratory
  • Kinematics of Machine Laboratory
  • Thermodynamics Laboratory

This laboratory houses Two Stroke and Four Engines (Petrol & Diesel), Compressor along with functional models of various boilers like Cochran Lancashire, Babcock Wilcox, Locomotive, Lemont and Velox and Models of Carburetors, Two Stroke and Four – Stroke Engine Cycles etc.

  • Strength of Material Laboratory

Here the department offers practical experience on machines like Ultimate Tensile Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Hardness Tester & Impact Testers.

  • Fluid Mechanics & Machine Laboratory

Here students are taught about fluid properties on equipments lime: Reynold’s Apparatus, jet Apparatus, Venturimenter and Orificemeter, Notch Apparatus, Flat Bottomed Pontoon, Bernoulli’s Apparatus, Friction & Head Losses Apparatues.

  • Dynamics of Machine Laboratory
  • Heat Transfer & Thermal Engg. Laboratory

Here students are taught about principles of Heat Transfer processes on Forced and Free Convection Equipments, Emmissivity Apparatus, Critical heat flux apparatus, Boltzman’s Apparatus, Parallel and Counter flow heat transfer apparatus & Heat Exchangers.

  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Here the students are taught about the working of Refrigerator, Air-Conditioners, Cooling Towers, Heat Pump, Water Cool & ice plant etc.

  • Tribology and Mechanical vibration Lab
  • Computer aided design and Manufacturing Lab

An arrangement of 20 computers loaded with CAD software like PRO-E, Zw CAD has been done in this laboratory where students can learn designing skills. Besides this we also have a CAN Lathe Trainer to give the students exposure about CAM.


• Computer Programming Laboratory

• Internet Fundamental Laboratory

Today from buying flowers to booking tickets, everything is being done on the Internet, so considering this purpose, the college has its own Internet application laboratory where in addition to fundamentals of Internet, Multimedia course, Virtual Reality course is also being delivered.



Our collage has collaboration with CISCO and is a member of CISCO Networking Academy.In CISCO Lab we have latest Routers and Manageable Switches,Wireless Routers,Access Points and many more.

Database Management System Laboratory

To teach the most important part of computer projects i.e. Database, the college has setup DBMS laboratory for making students understand the fundamentals as well as advanced concepts of Database. Oracle, SQL Server, and MS-Access is part of the curriculum in the laboratory.

• Software Engineering Laboratory

• Data Structure Laboratory

Data Structure is related with the mathematical and logical representation of particular organization of data. In this laboratory various data structure algorithms i.e. arrays, queues, trees, stacks, graphs are studies and implements in programmes.

• Oracle Laboratory

With considering the importance of Oracle in the IT industry college has inked a MoU with Oracle India Pvt. Ltd and established specialized Oracle lab where students get training by expert faculty on various Oracle Database 10g programs.

• Software Engineering Laboratory

In this laboratory the Rational Rose is used to teach the students the various steps involved in developing the software.

• C++ Programming Laboratory

There are two basic programming laboratories in the college for teaching the basic fundamentals of programming to first year students. The laboratory course includes introduction to C programming, data structures in C and object oriented programming in C++.

• Advance Technology Laboratory

• Linux Laboratory

The importance of learning Linux cannot be underestimated in present day dynamic technical scenario, so the college has explicitly created Linux laboratory for teaching the Linux operating system.

• Web Design Laboratory

• Multimedia and Virtual Reality Laboratory

Electrical Laboratories:

  • Electrical Technology Laboratory
  • Electromechanical Energy Conversion (EMECH) Laboratory
  • Power Apparatus &Machine-I&II l
  • Electronics Measurement & Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Power System Laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  • Control System Laboratory
  • VLSI &IC Technology Laboratory
  • VHDL laboratory
  • Electrical Workshop
  • Electrical Drive Laboratory