Mandatory Disclosure

Mandatory Disclosure


NCCE Technical Campus comprise of three colleges; namely, NC College of Engineering, NC Institute of Computer Sciences and NC Institute of Technology. NCCE is permanently affiliated to Kurukshetra University (a NAAC Grade A university). NCCE enjoys Academic Autonomy under which Syllabus updation is done by the Academic Council comprising of members from Kurukshetra University, Industry members and members from the academia. Examination system of NCCE is regularly worked under the Executive Director, Dr. BR Marwah and time to time by the University too. Kurukshetra University provides the final degree to the qualifying students.

Mandatory Disclosure


Academic Autonomy has been given by the UGC, New Delhi for framing latest syllabus according to industrial needs.

NCCE UGC Autonomy Letter

Latest NBA Accreditation

Academic Autonomy

The latest Mandatory Disclosures (Application Reports submitted to AICTE, AICTE EOAs etc), mandatory to be provided on the college website, for session 2013-14 are available for view and download. Click the appropriate file name to view/download it.

NCCE EOA 2015-16

NCCE Application_Report_Part_1_2015-2016

NCCE Application_Report_Part_2_2015-2016

NCCE Payment Details

Application Report Part 1 2013-14:  Download

Application Report Part 2 2013-14:  Download

EOA AICTE NCCE 2013-14:  Download

EOA AICTE Integrated Courses NCCE 2013-14


View the Extension of Approval of 2012-13



N.C Institute of Computer Sciences was in year 2001 with intake of 40 in the memory of Late Sh. Lala Nemi Chand Ji that is committed towards making expert computer application professionals. Later on it extended the intake to 90 seats and started BCA Programme with intake of 60 seats. Helping students to grow to their full potential by providing a dynamic and inspiring environment is the main focus of the institution. We develop a wide base of knowledge, which includes the elements of professionalism, subjectivity and spirituality. It is a passion shared equally by the institute’s faculty, students, corporate sponsors and alumni. The courses are affiliated to Kurukshetra University (NAAC rated A University).

NCICS EOA Report 2015-16

NCICS Application Report Part 1 2015-2016

NCICS Application Report Part 2 2015-2016

NCICS Application Deficiency Report 15-16

AICTE EOA Report for session 2013-14

EOA by Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

Mandatory Disclosures NCICS

Mandatory Disclosures NCICS 2012

Mandatory Disclosures 2012

Alumni Members (Annexure 10.12) of Mandatory

The list of alumni members may be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Alumni List NCICS

Alumni Members


The college situated near Israna provides lush green outlets provide a pollution-free environment of learning in the campus. The college is affiliated to Kurukshetra University (A Grade University) and is approved by AICTE. We are committed to provide high quality education in Engineering and Technology.

NCIT EOA Report 2015-16

NCIT Application Report Part 1 2015-2016

NCIT Application Report Part 2 2015-2016

NCIT Application Deficiency Report 15-16

AICTE EOA Report for session 2013-14

EOA by Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra