Mechanical Datesheet

Mech Datesheet

Timing: 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Subject Code Subject Name Date
NC-MATH-202(Reappear) Mathematics-IV 25-May-17
ME-246/NC-ME-216 Material Science 27-May-17
ME-242/NC-ME-202 Strength of Materials-II 1-Jun-17
ME-244 /NC-ME-206 Production Technology-II,Production Technology 5-Jun-17
ME-245/NC-ME-208 Machine Drawing (4hrs Paper) 7-Jun-17
ME-241 Fluid Mechanics 9-Jun-17
NC-ME-210(Reappear) Material Science & Meterology
ME-243             NC-ME-204 Theory of Machines-II 12-Jun-17


Timing:9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Subject Code Subject Name Date
NC-ME-310 Machine Design-II(4hrs Paper) 26-May-17
NC-ME-302 Computer Aided Design 29-May-17
NC-ME-306 Mechanical Vibration 31-May-17
NC-ME-308 Operation Research 2-Jun-17
NC-ME-304 Refrigeration and Air-conditioning 6-Jun-17
NC-ME-322 Production Planning & Control 8-Jun-17
NC-ME-320 Tribology
NC-ESC-302 Soft Skills & Analytical Ability 10-Jun-17


Timing:9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Subject Code Subject Name Date
NC-ME-412 Mechatronics & Manufacturing Automation 25-May-17
NC-ME-422 Robotics 27-May-17
NC-ME-424 Energy Management
NC-ME-426 Pnuematic & Hydraulic Control
NC-ME-442 Management Information System 1-Jun-17
NC-ME-402 Entrepreneurship
NC-ME-444 (Mechanical Estimation and Costing)
NC-ME-420 Non Conventional Machining 5-Jun-17