Why NCCE is Different

Why NCCE is different

Why recruitment rate is so high at NCCE Technical Campus?
At NCCE TC(NC College of Engineering Technical Campus), the students are provided best training in Reasoning, Aptitude, Technical skills, to face interviews and GDs during their stay from first year till the final year of their degree. This way the overall personality of the candidate improves a lot compared to what he/she was during his first year programme at NCCE TC. Faculty, equipments, lab sessions and other facilities of the TC. Green ambiance of the college campus is spread in area of 34 acres in lush green land urges anyone to study remaining very close to the nature. The most high tech and advance and modern campus with excellent facilities are given to students so that they can concentrate on their studies

Technical Training
Technical training is provided by highly experienced faculty members who have strong technical skills hired from their years of experience in academics and industry. Apart from their syllabus they go through hours of lab sessions, guest technical training sessions, special training programmes from industry etc. NCCE TC has partnership with Cisco, Infosys, City Innovates and other companies for this job. This increases the chances of employability of NCCE TC students & thus gives them edge over others.

Corporate Resource Centre
Placement Cell arranges various corporate resource sessions at NCCE TC. These training sessions provide a clear understanding of the on-going technology in the industry, which is provided as syllabus in NCCE and as extra inputs for other colleges of the group. It is taking up the industry-institute interface to provide better understanding about the current needs of the corporate world and motivate the students to strive for acquiring those skills during their degree. Besides this, regular seminars, expempores, quiz contests are also conducted by the college at various levels by the concerned departments.

PDP Classes
The college conducts regular personality & soft skill development classes. We train our students on communication, writing skills, group discussions, interviews and other sessions that may occur during any recruitment process other than their speaking ability, negotiation skills, dressing, social etiquettes etc.

Overall Development
At NCCE TC, the faculty puts in efforts make the students not only understand the basic concepts of the subjects but also try to analyse it and try to produce interesting patterns in it for synthesis of new information in the subject. This increases the overall IQ of the student and builds in-depth clarity on the subject.